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Geyser Guys, Inc.

Geyser Guys, Inc. is a Subchapter "S" Corporation based in California. Geyser Guys, Inc. was formed in April, 2000 and is primarily a product development distribution, and marketing firm. Geyser Guys, Inc. specializes in being able to take a unique, patentable, innovative idea from "concept to store shelves" quickly and efficiently.

Our experience in product development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution gives us a competitive advantage in today's marketplace. Our first product, the "Geyser Gusher Water Cannon™" is one of the hottest new pool toys of 2001. This product was taken from a patented idea through R&D, manufacturing, distribution, and is now available worldwide. The GEYSER FLYER and the GEYSER SPRAY FOOTBALLS are patent pending toys. The goal of Geyser Guys, Inc. is to build and maintain an impressive portfolio of successful and fun products.


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